With frequent locale changes, I find that my imagination is what grounds me amidst ever-changing environments. While most of my forms have a strong botanical foundation, I am also interested in playing with grotesque anthropomorphic gestures. In my youth, I discovered my Muscogee, Seminole and Lenape heritage through the commercialized native symbols every American kid grew up with. In some of my work, I explore these overused “native” forms such as the bison- within which to create my own surreal collage of creatures, patterns and environments. I know a work is successful when I can find a dark glimmer of laughter somewhere within it. 



Born in 1983, Lana Fee Rasmussen is originally from the Southern California coast. In 2006, she completed a BFA in Studio Art from New York University. In recent years, she has worked in the studios of multiple internationally recognized artists in New York and New Mexico, built display for Anthropologie retail stores and collaborated on diverse design projects. Rasmussen currently lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband Darrick- the other half of their collaborative effort Killscrow


July 2013, Rasmussen exhibited 5 ink drawings in Japan at the Matsumoto Museum of Art and the Asagura Arts and Cultural Center in Omachi. She also completed a solo exhibition- drawings and installation at the Lost Coast Culture Machine in Fort Bragg, CA Feb/March 2013.  

Contact: lana [at] killscrow.com