Each work of mine is a means to connect with humanness in its simplest form. Starting first from a gestural line, I approach each piece much like that of a weaver or beadworker with close connection to material. I meditate with line and apply printmaking techniques to fill in with repetitious pattern, making the detail in my work very physical. I am fascinated by historical works of ornament, which wield a bold, graphic presence from a distance and a close connection to the hand by close review. The symbiosis of fluidity and restraint are the pillars of the forms I produce. There is an austere quality to my work, but truthfully I know a piece is successful when I can find a glimmer of laughter somewhere within it.  
Some of my ideas connect with topics surrounding Native American culture which I find often taps into a deeply rooted fear in people- fear of political-correctness followed by a need to romance the topic is what I experience. There is truth in the description of Native America as a “culture of abandonment”, which leaves one with a lot of questions. My work is curiosity-based, not solution-based. I believe in contributing to progress by connecting us to the universal language of craft.

Born in 1983, Rasmussen is originally from the Southern California coast. Since completing a BFA in Studio Art from New York University in 2006, she has worked in the studios of multiple internationally recognized artists in New York and New Mexico, built display for retail environments and co-founded the furniture and art collaborative Killscrow. Currently Rasmussen lives and works in Ojai, California.


2013- Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan.

2013- Asagura Art and Cultural Center, Omachi, Nagano, Japan.


2013- Grounding. Lost Coast Culture Machine, Fort Bragg, CA.


Contact: lana [at] killscrow.com

Instagram: @lanafeerasmussen, @killscrow